Starrett S898Z-2 Automotive Inspection Kit, 0 to 1" Indicator with Flex Mag Base and Clamp

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The Starrett S898Z-2 Vehicle Inspection Kit helps repair technicians achieve more precise measurements when completing automotive service. The car and truck inspection kit ensures measuring fixtures can be easily attached to challenging surfaces inside engines and at difficult angles.

When it comes to precision measurements, the Starrett S898Z-2 Indicator Inspection Kit is a must-have. This kit contains tools that are suitable for use in measuring small parts and components. It has a range of 0 in to 1 in with a resolution of 0.001 in. The magnetic base type provides better stability when working on heavy parts or components. You can also lock the tool onto your workpiece with the locking pliers included in this kit. The dial indicator features white digits on a clear background, so you can easily read them from different angles and positions without any problem at all. If you want to get accurate measurements, then the Starrett S898Z-2 Indicator Inspection Kit is just what you need.


  • Vehicle inspection kit makes it easier to record accurate measurements when repairing trucks and cars

  • Flexible design helps technicians set the correct distance or alignment

  • Helps measuring fixtures achieve secure attachment to most surfaces

  • Versatile configuration makes this car inspection kit ideal for many jobs

  • Easy-to-read dial offers 0.001" (0.0254 mm) graduations for precise results

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