Starrett 823MBZ METRIC Tubular Inside Micrometer Set 40-300mm Range 0.01mm Grad. USA Made

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These micrometers are highly useful tools for internal linear measurements such as measuring cylinders, rings, setting calipers, comparing gauges and measuring parallel surfaces. The extension rods are made of steel tubing, light in weight, yet extremely rigid. By removing the hardened and ground anvil ends (end caps) of the micrometer head, the rods may be attached to either or both ends of the micrometer as preferred. Tubular measuring rods are lightweight, yet extremely rigid. 40-300mm range, 0.01mm grad. 

About this item

  • Hardened and ground anvils on rods are adjustable for length, head anvil is hardened and ground

  • Interchangeable anvils

  • Furnished 140mm long convenient handle, micrometers may be clamped where it will provide correct balance and reach

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