Starrett 1.50-2.50" 701B INTERNAL GROOVE Micrometer USA Made

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Starrett 1.50-2.50" 701B INTERNAL GROOVE Micrometer

Measures grooves for retaining rings and O rings, oil grooves, washer grooves, as well as bores and recesses. 1.500-2.500" Range, .001" Grad, Friction Thimble, Lock Screw.

  • Contacts have flush ends

  • Satin chrome reading surface is glare free and resists rust

  • Hardened and ground gaging contacts

  • Smooth friction thimble

  • Lock screw

  • Gaging contacts are .030" thick

  • Range (in):1.500 - 2.500"

  • Accuracy (in):+/-.0002"

  • Max. Range (in):2.5

  • Min. Range (in):1.5

  • Graduations (in):.001"

  • Micrometer Type:Internal Groove Micrometer

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