Stanley FatMax 22oz Framing Hammer with Check Face Graphite Handle and Rip Claw

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  • Stanley FatMax Framing Hammer.
  • Features include:
  • 17-7/8 in Overall Length
  •  Large Strike/Rim Tempered Face
  • 1-33/64 in Face Dia,
  • Checkered Face Surface,
  • 22 oz Head,
  • Forged Steel Head,
  • 6-1/4 in Head Length,
  • Jacketed/Straight Handle,
  • Graphite Handle,
  • Rip Claw Style
  • Checker face design increases control and accuracy when driving nails
  • Flared head design provides a large striking face for optimal nail driving performance
  • Forged and heat treated head for increased durability
  • Jacketed graphite core adds strength and durability in the handle, reduces vibrations and provides the "feel of wood"
  • Rim temper reduces incidence of chipping or spalling
  • Specially designed magnetic nail start feature for extended reach for one-handed nailing.

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