Busch Precision USA 4.5" X4" X 5" UNIVERSAL RIGHT ANGLE PLATE #PE2705G

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 Busch Precision Inc. made UNIVERSAL RIGHT ANGLE PLATE, No. PE2705G. This plate is manufactured from treated-closed grained castings which are heat-treated for strength. It measures 4-1/2" x 4" x 5" and it has been accurately precision ground. An ideal tool for checking squares and parallels.  Please note that this item comes in its original packaging, which may be dirty from warehouse storage. A sample has been removed for photography and inspection only. It is still covered in original packing grease/wax that appears as a mottled surface in the pictures. Please rest assured it is new and perfect underneath.   This high quality USA made UNIVERSAL RIGHT ANGLE PLATE is being offered at an exceptional price. 

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