Wilton Welding Table Fixture Shoe Clamp / Vise

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The shoe hold-down mount can be welded or bolted into place anywhere on a fixture, table or fabricated piece.The L-Clamp with special mounting foot slides into the shoe, providing more than
8" inches of vertical adjustment and variable clamping pressure to meet the ever-changing demands of welding applications. Shoes can stay put while the clamps are used on other fixtures. With the clamps removed, fixtures can be stored in less space and the risk of damage is minimized. Extra shoes are available in a box of six. Additionally, the clamp can be mounted directly to a fabricated part by tack welding the L-Clamp’s foot onto the piece. Grind the weld to remove the clamp and it’s ready to use again. Direct clamp mounting makes aligning and leveling plates and sheets faster and easier than using the dog and wedge method.The flexible Welder’s Shoe Clamp System decreases set-up time, provides holding force in areas conventional clamps just won’t reach and is an economical way to get the job done!

Welder’s Shoe Clamp System

  • Flexible and Economical

    Flexible design reduces number of clamps needed, set-up time and storage space

  • Not Limited to Table Edge

    Reaches where conventional clamps cannot, can be located anywhere on a fixture, table or fabricated piece

  • Direct Clamp Mounting

    Quicker and easier for aligning and leveling plates and sheets

  • Easy Loading and Unloading

    Clamps slides easily in and out of shoe

  • Bolt or Weld on Shoe

    Shoe can stay in place while clamps are used in other set-ups
    Key Features

    • Max. Opening: 5 1/2 in
    • Throat Depth: 5 1/2 in
    • Body Material: Steel
    • Finish: Chrome and Copper (Body)
    • Clamping Pressure: 2,600 lb


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