Stanley FATMAX 84-710 10" FENCE Fencing Pliers CUT, HAMMER, PRY

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Fencing Pliers are a multi-function tool that you can use to set up barbed wire and other fences. It has a hammer head for pounding in staples and nails, and a claw end for pulling them out. These pliers have a  large jaw capacity for working with thicker pieces. The  grip makes it more comfortable for you to hold and use this tool for extended periods. This tool is strong enough to stand up to lots of regular use.

Stanley FatMax 84-710

  • Made of nickel-chromium Steel
  • Works well on metal and wood posts
  • Use the hammer face to pound in fencing staples
  • Claw end gets out staples
  • Jaws can cut wire
  • Ergonomic handle shape

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