Record Gilbow HD 14" Hollow Ground SHEARS Straight Sheet Metal Tin Snips

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 RECORD G245/14 Gilbow General Purpose Straight Tin Snips 14 Inch / 350mm
The G245/14s are 14 Inch / 350mm long Tin Snips referred to as ‘Gilbows’. Record  Gilbow snips and shears have a cutting capability much greater than the strength of the user. The original tin snips were first designed in 1924 and have dominated the sheet metal cutting industry.
UNIQUE NON-SLIP JOINT - set and tested for a perfect cut. This should be re-adjusted only after sharpening
DOUBLE, HOLLOW GROUND BLADES - reduce friction for easier cutting
DROP-FORGED - carbon tool steel handles and blades
SAFETY STOP - prevents trapped fingers
Size 14 Inch / 350mm​


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