Proto J1219RCF DuraTek 19pc Combination Screwdriver Set Made in USA / France

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 Proto J1219RCF DuraTek 19pc Combination ( Phillips and Slotted) Screwdriver Set Made in USA / France. The set is marked made in France and finished in the USA. These are premium quality and appear to be exactly the same as the screwdrivers sold by Mac. 

Ergonomic quad-lobe handle design with 360° texture for additional grip. • Designed to meet demanding heavy-duty needs of industrial maintenance and assembly applications. • Screwdrivers meet ASME B107.15 standards.

HANDLE • Impact and chemical resistant handles are four-sided with broad but shallow flutes. • Resistant to most harsh chemicals (including hydraulic fluids used in the aerospace industry). • Four-sided handle design helps prevent "roll away" from the work surface.

SHANK • High-alloy steel shanks are heat-treated their entire length to help provide strength against twisting action and to help prevent bending and twisting when placed under torque. • Fully grounded and chemically polished, then chrome plated for corrosion resistance. TIP • Made of high-alloy steel (same as shank). • Precision machined for precise fastener fit. • Finished in black oxide to help prevent cam out and slipping. • Tips are un-plated with a black oxide finish to help prevent chrome peeling. 

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