NEW OLD STOCK Council Tool USA made 19" VELVICUT 2lb Hudson Bay Camp Axe NO SHEATH

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New Old Stock from a closed hardware store. These axes were ordered years ago but never sold and have sat in storage ever since . The axes do NOT include a sheath .

The Velvicut Hudson Bay Camp Axe sports one of the most multi functional, "jack of all trades" head patterns for use in the bush: a 2lb Hudson Bay pattern. This size and geometry supports uses such as chopping, felling, limbing, roughing out, and also splitting - meaning it can be used by itself in summer and fall, but can be paired with a saw in the winter and early spring when splitting rounds for feeding stoves.

Made in the USA since 1886!

Velvicut Hudson Bay Camp Axe

2 lb Forged 5160 steel head ( weight overall is about 2-3/4lbs)
19" premium hickory handle
Made in the USA

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