New Old Stock BESSEY made in Germany Heavy Duty Cast Iron Screw Clamp with Tommy Bar 12"x 5-1/2"

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Bessey TG30K Malleable Cast Iron Screw Clamp TG-K 300/140 ( 12" x 5-1/2"). 


New Old Stock Original BESSEY made in Germany Heavy Duty malleable cast iron screw clamp TG with Tommy bar. This clamp has been discontinued . It is now only available with a round handle that is much harder to apply a  heavy clamping force with. The tommy bar on these old stock German made models allows much greater force to be easily applied. These clamps have the name ORIGINAL BESSEY cast into the head as well as Germany. Many of the new clamps made by Bessey simply have a Sticker with the Bessey name it is no longer cast into the clamp and there is No Country of Origin cast into the clamp. These new old stock clamps are premium quality that is no longer available. 

 Strengths and benefits

 Integrated BESSEY anti-slip system, Maximum safety is available with the integrated BESSEY anti-slip system, when clamping with a throat depth of 80 mm or more. A set screw that is molded into the sliding arm interlocks with the serration on the rail. This effectively prevents the clamp from dislodging or slipping away.

  • Reinforced malleable iron clamps, Both the upper and lower sections are produced from high-quality malleable iron and reinforced by shafts. The powder coating protects against corrosion and the characteristic shaft profile works as a reliable reinforcement against torsion forces.

  • High-quality profiled rail, The BESSEY profiled rail from our own drawing plant has been especially optimised for clamps. The serration on six faces additionally prevents the clamp from slipping.

  • Pressure plate, For enhanced serviceability the pressure plate can be changed with no need for tools. It can be replaced very easily and quickly.

Key Features


  • Clamping force up to 6,000N

  • Tommy bar with rounded ends for simple transfer of force when clamping

  • Pressure plates can be replaced by hand no tools required

  • With protective caps on the clamping surfaces

  • Stable profiled rail with serration

  • BESSEY anti-slip system


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