New Old ( 1952) Stock WRIGHT USA Made X-79 1/2" Drive Stud Extractor

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New Old Stock WRIGHT USA Made X-79 1/2" Drive  Stud Extractor . This stud extractor   was made in 1952 and has been in dry warehouse storage ever since . They were oiled and bulk packed in wax paper lined wooden crates. The extractor body may have very small scuffs or discolouration from 70+ years of storage but is otherwise as good as the day it was made and really looks better than most new products found on the tool truck.  The Stud Extractor is Marked WRIGHT , Barberton USA. X-79 52- denoting its manufacturing date of 1952. The stud extractor has a 1/2" drive and will accept studs from 1/4" up to 3/4". The two holes in the body measure 1/2" and 3/4". Features a beautifully machined and hardened offset cam head with fine sharp teeth .  

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