Morse Cutting Tools USA 1" Solid Carbide TiN Coated 60° Helix 3 Flute End Mill 90647

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 Morse Cutting Tools USA 1" Solid Carbide TiN Coated 60° Helix End Mill. 90647

3-Flute end mills are a compromise between the chip capacity of 2-Flute mills and the strength and wear resistance of 4-Flute mills. 60° High Helix angle keeps the cutting edges constantly engaged in the workpiece reducing cutting load variations. The result is a clean efficient cutting action with decreased cutting resistance, enhanced chip control, excellent surface finish and long tool life. Recommended for difficult-to-machine materials including stainless steels, alloy steels, titanium, inconel and other materials that generate high cutting forces. Center Cutting endallows for plunge cutting like a drill into solid material.

Solid Carbide offers higher cutting speeds, high rigidity, excellent hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance and long tool life.Tool Coatings further enhance milling performance in a wide range of applications.

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