NEW MOORE & WRIGHT MW210-041 Micrometer 7-8" 0.0001", Carbide + Standard WL52.1

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 MOORE & WRIGHT UK MW210-041 Large External Imperial Micrometer 7-8"  0.0001"  

Founded in 1906 by innovative young engineer Frank Moore, Moore & Wright has been designing, manufacturing and supplying precision measuring equipment to global industry for over 100 years. With roots fixed firmly in Sheffield, England, the company began by manufacturing a range of calipers, screwdrivers, punches and other engineer’s tools.

Large External Imperial Micrometer 210 Series FeaturesStandard: DIN 863

• Strong forged steel frame, hammertone finish, quality insulated grip

• Design Line product

• Satin-chrome scale

• Tapered for easier access to difficult areas

• With tungsten carbide measuring facesand constant force ratchet

• Packed in wooden box with standard and adjusting key


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