Mahr Federal USA made WATERPROOF 0.100" Range Dial Indicator. 0.0005" GRAD

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 Mahr Federal 0.100" range WATERPROOF Dial indicator. 0.0005" Grad. Jeweled movement. part number NA65WC81S. Made in USA.​

  • Unit construction, removable movement . . . saves repair/cleaning time and maintenance costs
  • Hardened gears and stainless steel racks provide lasting protection against indicator failure due to shock or wear
  • Jeweled bearings resist friction, add to longer indicator life
  • Skeletonized, hobbed gears for more sensitive response, superior indicator accuracy with minimal hysteresis error
  • Soft-tinted dials (green, inch.) minimize eye strain
  • Special steel alloy, balanced dial hand affords no-shift, precise reading
  • Controlled rack and pinion mesh eliminates slope for precise response and reading
  • Smooth-adjusting bezels for easy setup
  • Positive pressure pull-back spring . . . less maintenance

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