New Old Stock Cleveland Twist USA Made 13/16" Lathe Mandrel. Hardened & Ground

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New Old Stock Cleveland  Twist USA made 13/16" Lathe Mandrel. These mandrels may have spots of dried grease from decades of storage . They are otherwise new and perfect. 

These Mandrels are made of hardened tool steel and are accurately machine , hardened and ground to size. Mandrels are slightly tapered with the size marked on the large end. 

Used for quick set- up of accurately bored or reamed blanks and castings for pulleys, hand-wheels or hubs, on centers so that the outside diameter can be turned concentrically with the axis of the hole in which the mandrel is fixed.
In use they are pressed into place with an arbor press then pressed out when the job has been machined. They leave no fixture marks like chucks. 

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