New Old Stock Mitutoyo 0-1" 60 Degree Point Digital Micrometer. 0.001" GRAD. Japan. 142-369

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Mitutoyo 0-1" Point micrometer. 60 degree points on spindle and anvil. 0.001" GRAD. Has 4 digit analog display. Made in Japan. There are some smudgy fingerprints on the micrometer this is from having oily hands while taking the pics. The Mic is NEW and was  ONLY TAKEN OUT OF PLASTIC BAG FOR THE PICTURES ...premium Japanese quality! The digital counter is analog and requires no batteries. Measurements can also be read off the thimble.

From Manufacturer:

Pointed spindle and anvil for measuring the web thickness of drills, small grooves, keyways, and other hard-to-reach dimensions.
The measuring points have approximately 0.3mm / .012” radius.
With Ratchet Stop for constant force.
Micrometer itself is in perfect condition, the foam lining the case is deteriorating in some spots from decades of storage.

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