Knipex made in Germany 87 41 250 Raptor Pliers

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KNIPEX - 87 41 250 Tools - Raptor Pliers (8741250)

The Raptor Pliers combines the convenience of the comfortable push-button adjustment on the workpiece and the function of an all-purpose tightening tool. Jaw gripping with zero backlash prevents slipping on the bolt head or rounding edges. Even rusty or thick coated bolted connections which have no surfaces capable of being gripped reliably by a conventional wrench can be managed by the exceptionally powerful closing gripping jaws of this wrench.

About this item

  • For hexagonal screws and nuts width across flats 3/8-Inch- 1 1/4-Inch); self-locking in the range of (11/16-Inch- 1 1/4-Inch); no slip and less effort required on work pieces

  • Replaces a complete set of spanners, ideal for tightening locknuts

  • The plier-type gripping movement of the jaws allows threaded connections to be tightened and released quickly using the ratchet principle

  • Perfect fitting grip on bolt heads and nuts with metric or imperial sizes; no rounding of gripping surfaces.

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