Irwin Unibit #11 HSS 7/8-Inch Step-Drill Bit, 3/8-Inch Shank (10311) USA Made

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Irwin Unibit #11 HSS  7/8-Inch Step-Drill Bit, 3/8-Inch Shank (10311) USA Made

The shanks on these step drill bits have three flats that help prevent the bits from slipping in the drill chuck during drilling. These cone-shaped bits have steps of increasing diameter marked along their cutting head. As each bit is pushed into a piece of sheet metal or other thin material, each step on the bit widens the hole. The bits also have a self-starting split point that prevents the bits from moving, or walking, when starting to drill, which eliminates the need for using a center drill to create a starter hole before drilling.

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