Gearwrench 82224 24" Indexing PRY BAR

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Gearwrench 82224 24" Indexing  PRY BAR

-14 Locking Head Positions for Unmatched Access

-Grooved Profile Adds Traction on 24" Model

-For Leverage in  Industrial Applications

-For Demolition, Repositioning Equipment, Aligning Steel Components and Other Heavy-Duty Applications.


  • Able to reach areas inaccessible to a fixed head tool for improved access
  • Heads rotate 180° through 14 locking positions for unparalleled access and leverage
  • Compact design allows for work in tight spaces
  • Tapered head profile fits into low access areas, making quick work of pry jobs in cramped areas
  • Designed for demolition, repositioning equipment, industrial work, aligning steel components

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