GEARWRENCH 3 Pc. 1/4 Inch, 3/8 Inch & 1/2 Inch Drive 120XP Teardrop Ratchet Set - 81206P

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The 3-Piece GEARWRENCH 120XP 1/4-Inch, 3/8-Inch and 1/2-Inch Drive Ratchets take access to the next level, making it easier and quicker to complete jobs. The Double-Stacked Pawl design delivers 120 Positions, exceeds ASME torque performance requirements and gives easy access to fasteners, delivering extreme Productivity. All three breakthrough technology ratchets come in a convenient, durable, custom cut foam tray to be easily stored in your tool box or tool chest.

All of the ratchets feature a low profile head and flush mounted on/off switch, allowing better access in tight spaces. The ratchets have an enclosed head design which allows for extreme resistance to dirt infiltration.

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