EASY WOOD Full Size Wood Lathe Easy HOLLOWER #3 EWT-6305

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This is the Full-Size version of the Easy Hollower #3® with a Maple handle that is 2" longer than the other Mid-Size Hollowers providing better leverage significantly reducing fatigue. Patented Easy Wood Tools Hollowers are designed to offer a fresh, new approach to hollowing wood vessels. Easy Wood Hollowers allows any skill level to achieve professional results with minimal effort. The flat tool bar of these Hollowers is designed to be kept level and flat on the toot rest. The cutter is moved straight into the work and swept side to side removing material. This approach greatly simplifies the hollowing learning curve with no complicated cutter angles to learn and constantly adjust while turning. The final stage in creating hollow forms involves clearing out and undercutting the sides and rim of the vessel. This task is best accomplished using the Full-Size Hollower #3®. This tool features CNC precision machined stainless steel tool bar with a with a more pronounced curved goose-neck.   It has a wide, flat area on the back of the tool bar that stabilizes the tool flat on the toolbar and prevents rotation of the tool. It can safely extend 7" past the tool rest. The Full-Size Hollower comes loaded with one round Ci3 carbide cutter. When it gets dull, you loosen the screw, rotate the cutter 1/4 turn for a sharp, fresh cut.  You will never need to perform complicated lathe tool sharpening procedures ever again! The round cutter is specially designed with the optimal grind, geometry and grade of carbide to excel at woodturning.

Blade length: 9.5"

Blade width: 1"

Blade thickness: 0.5"

Handle length: 16"

Overall length: 25.5"

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