FACOM DM.TU - Hose Removal Pliers

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Facom DM.TU Hose Removal Pliers . LIst is 70 Euros!
Essential Tool For Hose Removal
Safely disconnect all kinds of hard to remove pipes and hoses
These pliers push the pipe out of the hose minimising the risk of crack and leaks when pulling on the pipe to disconnect it
Perfect for old corroded fittings
Jaws designed for 3/16″, 1/4″ and 3/8″ tubes and lines
Especially suitable for hoses connected to tubes or lines with smooth surfaces, where exercising a pulling force is not possible
Pointed Jaw Tip are designed to get into the tightest spaces
Horizontal movement adjusts and locks to the hose diametere
Vertical removes the hose

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