FACOM 12pc TPMS valve kit with FACOM 2 to 10 N.m Torque Screwdriver Box Set

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FACOM 12pc TPMS valve kit with FACOM 2 to 10 N.m Torque Screwdriver 
• 12-tool set for reliable controlled torquing of TPMS type valves.
- a torque screwdriver 2 to 10 N.m A.404. Supplied with certificate of compliance,
adjustment key and force grip A.300PA adapting ratchet handle: increased tightening power for repeating or high torque tightening. • For torque screwdrivers capacity 0.50 --> 10 N.m.
- 3 long bits for Resistorx® screws T10-T15-T20.EXR.110L-EXR.115L-EXR.120L - 1 1/4" adapter for ECR sockets.
- 2 1/4" long-reach 6-point sockets size 11 and 12 mm, R.11LA-R.12L.A
- 1 steel valve puller with rubber protection.
- 1 gasket tool.
• Supplied in case BP.102 and foam module PM.DRV2.​

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