Eclipse Spiralux Heavy Duty Lazy Tong Riveter 2750C 3/32"-1/4" Range

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Eclipse 2750C Spiralux Compact Heavy Duty Lazy Tong Riveter

Fitted with a 3 piece alloy steel jaw mechanism with internal hexagonal grip design for added strength and durability. Aluminium alloy ergonomic designed body and ABS plastic handle with soft grip for comfortable use.

Features: Strong 3-piece alloy steel jaw Delivers more power with less effort .Much easier on the arms and shoulders when popping lots of rivets .Manually adjustable round knurling sleeve so the working length of each stroke can be changed to the preferred setting .

Specification: Rivet Type: Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel Rivet Sizes:

2.4mm - 3/32 inch

3.2mm - 1/8 inch

4.0mm - 5/32 inch

4.8mm - 3/16 inch

6.4mm - 1/4 inch

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