Starrett 37-24 Lock Joint Transfer Caliper 24" Inside USA made

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Starrett 37-24 Lock Joint Transfer Caliper 24" Inside .

One of the handiest and most versatile calipers ever made, Starrett Lock-Joint Transfer Calipers feature a transfer arm, a fine-adjustment screw, and a locking joint.

Once legs have been set to approximate size and joint locked, final adjustment is made by a few turns of the knurled adjusting nut

Joint can be quickly and firmly locked by a partial turn of the large knurled disc

Ruggedly constructed legs from high grade steel and are well-shaped and nicely finished

Spring washer under the disc maintains proper tension of legs when joint is loosened

Transfer arm

Transfer arm allows transfer measurements from places where it is necessary to move the legs after they have been set to size

Fine-adjustment screw

Adjusting screw permits close adjustment for fine measurements

Locking joint

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