Starrett 657AA Magnetic Base Indicator Holder with Attachments 657A/B/C/D/E/F Complete Set USA Made

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The Starrett 657AA Magnetic Base Indicator Holder is for use with all Starrett Test, Back-Plunger, AGD, Dial and Miniature-Dial Indicators. Also accommodates similar indicators of other manufacturers.

Includes magnetic base with all attachments: upright base post, two snugs, rod, and indicator attachment. 


  • Powerful, permanent magnetic base holds firmly to steel or iron surfaces – horizontally, vertically, upside-down.

  • Push-button turns magnetic force on or off for quick, one-hand set-up and take down.

  • V-step adapts base to horizontal or vertical arbors and chucks.

  • There is an extra 1/4-20 NC tapped hole in side of base for indicator mounting post.

  • Three precision ground magnetic contact (plus V-step)

  • INCLUDES: Upright Base Post, Snug Sleeve, Rod, Indicator Attachment, Snug Complete (1/4" & 3/8" holes).

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