Starrett 650A5Z Back Plunger DIAL INDICATOR Boxed Set .001" Grad.

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Starrett 650A5Z Back Plunger DIAL INDICATOR Boxed Set .001" Grad.

These workhorse back-plunger indicators feature AGD (American Gage Design) stem holding fixtures and the great variety of AGD contact points. 0-50-0 Dial, Contact Points (3), Attachments (3) in Case.

  • Range (in):.200"

  • Accuracy (in):.001"

  • Case:Steel and Vinyl with insert

  • Dial Color:White

  • Dial Reading:0-50-0

  • Attachments:Indicator with 3 Contact Points, 3 Attachments, in Case

  • Max. Range (in):0.2

  •  Min. Range (in):0

    • Smooth and accurate operation due to their sturdy, basic design

    • Hardened, stainless steel AGD stem .375" (9.5mm) diameter

    • Three different styles of contact points are furnished with each indicator

    • Large 1-11/16" (43mm) diameter bezels with easy-to-read dial numbers and graduations

    • Adjustable dials to set zero at any point opposite the hand

    • Shank dimension 1/4" (6.3mm) diameter, 3-3/16" (80mm) long

    • With Deep Hole Attachment

    • In Case

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