New Old Stock BESSEY made in Germany SL20M High Performance Fabricators Clamp 8" x 4.75"

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 New Old Stock BESSEY made in Germany SL20M High Performance Fabricators Clamp 200/120 (8" x 4.75"). Premium German quality. 

Key Features


  • Clamping force up to 8,500N  ( 1910 pounds force) at tightening torque of 25Nm

  • Greater reserves of power, thanks to optimised rail profile, for even clamping force build-up

  • Maximum safety due to the better linear transfer of force of the sliding arm

  • Long life due to heat-resistant pressure plate with sintered steel insert, which can be tilted up to 35 degrees

  • Fully heat treated optimised profile rail design that delivers 20% more pressure per spindle rotation than the original Bessey clamp profile rail

  • The fixed clamp is forged from a single piece with moulded pressure plate is hardened, tempered and galvanised, making it highly durable and torsion resistant

  • The U shaped sliding jaw allows a more efficient transfer of force and maximum safety

  • A special heavy duty 35° tilting pressure pad has a hardened sintered steel insert that dramatically reduces internal friction and wear for maintaining constant pressure loads over extended periods of time

  • Wear resistant cold drawn blackened acme threaded spindle with a smooth sliding tommy bar handle considerably increases its durability


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