GRACE USA Gunsmiths 6 Piece Hook and Pick Set HP-6

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GRACE USA 6 Pc Hook & Pick Set is a finely crafted set of tools made in the great American tradition. 

Each Hook and Pick is made in the USA with USA Chromium-Vanadium 8650 Alloy Steel that is protected with black oxide. 

Nickel plated steel ferrule is hand assembled to our made in Maine hardwood handle and then each hook and pick is carefully pressed into the hardwood handle and the handles are hot stamped, one at a time, with the appropriate size and angle of the hook and pick. 

The set includes:

  • 1/8" small scribe

  • 30 degree bent pick

  • 90 degree bent pick

  • Double bend pick

  • 180 degree loop pick

  • 180 degree hook pick

These tool are packed in a vinyl pouch. 


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