FACOM France 391A.14G - 140mm Snipe Nose Diagonal Side Cutter PVC Grip Pliers cuts PIANO WIRE

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FACOM 391A.14G - Diagonal Side Cutter PVC Grip Pliers

Snipe nose for confined space 
Semi-flush cutting edges designed to cleanly cut through all types of wire - piano wires (max. 200 kg/mm²) - thin copper wires - modern materials
Long lever arm offset pivot for minimum cutting effort

  • New head design to increase durability and cutting capacity

  • High Mechanical advantage due to off-set rivet and cutting edge geometry reducing effort.

  • Mono-Material ergonomic grips maintining accessibililty benefits of classic dip grips, resistant to workshop chemical agents

  • Varnish finish to help prevent rusting.

Technical Conformity
NF ISO 5749 - ISO 5749 - DIN ISO 5749 - ASME B107.50

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