Facom 405.10RMTF - Micro-Tech® Pliers "rugged" cutters with offcut retainer - FLUO

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 Facom  FLOU Fluorescent Diagonal Wire Cutter pliers with anti ejection feature that holds the cut piece of wire and stops it from falling into the workpiece. Part number: 405.10RMTF. 

• Offcut retainer built into the cutting edges: the wire does not fall after cutting, hence preserving the FOD work space.
• Detect the tool thanks to its fluorescence, activated by a lamp or UV neon light. Detectable in black or dark environment up to 3 metres.
• These pliers allow neat cutting of multiple materials: from copper wire to piano wire up to 0.5 mm. 
These beautiful small  pliers are ideal for small components.
Premium Quality

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