Easy Wood Mid Size Easy Hollower Wood Lathe Chisel

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Hollow forms can be tricky for turners because you can’t see inside the form that you're turning, and chips and blowouts can happen quickly. But we make turning hollow forms easier and safer with our flat-bottomed tool bar . The  Mid-Size Easy Hollower™ tools work great on medium to large bowls, projects and hollow forms.

Easy Hollower™ #1 - This straight bar removes material from the center of the vessel.

  Features a 22-1/2" overall length with 14" maple handle. Stainless steel bar is 1/2" square and 8-1/2" long. Comes equipped with Standard Carbide Cutter Ci5 (round), and a hex key. Optional carbide cutter sold separately is our Patented* Negative Rake Carbide Cutter Ci5-NR (Pat. No. D902967).

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