Starrett 13D Inch Reading Double Square Blade MADE IN USA

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 Starrett 13 squares are very popular with machinists, toolmakers, and patternmakers. The sliding blades are adjustable making it practical for a wide variety of uses. The faces of the head are ground square. Drill Grinding Blade only (for 6"/150 mm Squares) square.


  • Drill Grinding Blade Only (for 6"/150mm 13 Squares)
  • Beveled to 59 Deg for drill grinding on one end and 41 Deg (the cutting angle of countersinks for machine screws) at the other
  • Both ends have quick-reading 64ths grads. and the graduation is located to measure perpendicularly to the axis of the drill
  • By reading the graduations, the center point can be easily and accurately located


  • Type: Drill Grinding Blade Only (for 6"/150mm Squares)
  • Blade Length (in): 3-1/2"
  • Graduations: 64ths
  • Material: Steel

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