Bison 3 Mt 5" Lathe Backplate Chuck Adapter for Rotary Table Mill Fixture # 8293-5"

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Bison Poland 5" Lathe Chuck Adapter for Rotary Tables / Milling Fixture. Part number: 8293-5". For mounting a 2-,3-,4-jaw front-mounting lathe chuck to a rotary table. It uses the included MT3 pin to centre it on the rotary table. Not available from Bison, as they have been discontinued, so get one here while they last.

Perfect for all rotary tables with 3, 4, or 6 equally spaced T-Slots. Ideal for use on Milling and Drilling Machines with T slot tables. The backing plate includes the following: 6 mounting bolts, 6 T-nuts, and one removable MT3 centering pin. ​

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