Bison 3-1/8" 6-Jaw SUPER Precision STEEL Lever Scroll Chuck (3866-80 Flat Back)

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Bison 3-1/8" 6-Jaw Quick Clamping Scroll Chuck. Part number: 3866-80.3.1/8". Made in Poland. 7-869-0300


  • BISON 6-Jaw lever operated, super accurate, low profile chucks designed to solve tool grinding problems

  • Keyless and pinionless gripping system allows the reduction of clamping and unclamping time

  • 6-Jaw chucks provide uniform distortion free clamping of workpieces

  • Chucks can be mounted on the spindle nose of tool grinders, rotary tables, indexing fixtures, and measuring devices

  • NOT FOR USE ON LATHES for low speed use only

  • Forged steel 

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