400 Norton Gold Reserve 5" Stick & Sand No-Fil Adalox 600 grit Sanding Discs

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 400 Norton Gold Reserve 5" Dia. Stick & Sand No-Fil Adalox P600 sanding disks.  Made in Canada. 100 pcs per roll. 4 Rolls included.

Norton 5" P600-B Grit Norton No-Fil Adalox Gold Reserve PSA Disc Roll A296

Norton PSA Disc Roll Part #: 66254492263

Norton Disc Roll Size: 5"

Norton PSA Disc Roll Grit - Grain: P600-B - Gold Reserve A296 aluminum oxide

Norton PSA Disc Roll Attachment Type: PSA

Norton No-Fil Adalox Gold Reserve discs are made with strong B-wt latex/paper backing which resists tearing while staying conformable and flexible to the workpiece.

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