3 Eclipse 1-3/8"dia Ferrite Shallow Pot Magnet with M4 Threaded Hole E866

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3 Eclipse Magnetics 1-3/8" Diameter Ferrite Shallow Pot Magnet with Fixing Hole.
1-3/8" Diameter x 1/2" high with M4 threaded hole. 10kg pull. Comes with plastic and steel disc attached to the magnet so other items do not stick to it.


Internal Threaded Stud Pot Magnet / Female Threaded Stud Pot Magnet

The internal threaded stud pot magnet is also known as a female threaded stud pot magnet. They consist of a ferromagnetic mild steel cup containing a magnet (usually a disc magnet) with a ferromagnetic mild steel stud / boss / bush mounting at the back of the pot magnet into which a threaded hole has been made.

These pot magnets are known as female threaded stud pot magnets because the internal threaded hole could take pot magnets with threaded bar at the back (external threaded stud pot magnets / male threaded stud pot magnets) as well as bolts. Because the mild steel is stud / boss is threaded there is decent thread length allowing reasonably high torque to be applied to securely hold each pot magnet in place. The ferrite or ceramic version of the internal threaded stud pot magnet can be used at temperatures up to +120 degrees C and is suitable for almost any application. 

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