3 Lutz USA Made T-6 Skroo-Zon Birch Wood Premium File Handle for 10" Files

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3  Lutz T-6 Skroo-Zon Wood File Handle for 10" Files.

From Manufacturer:
The Lutz® Skroo-Zon® File Handle is Manufactured in the USA to exacting tolerances from select Sustainably Harvested New England hardwoods, coated with a premium quality shellac finish for appearance, comfort and durability. These handles are equipped with hardened steel inserts which cut a thread right onto the file tang creating an unsurpassed grip on the file and eliminating handle splitting issues. The metal ferrules are made from heavy gauge, special kiln drawn steel and are zinc-plated to prevent corrosion.

A scale shown is for size reference only and not part of the sale. 

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