200mm FACOM Square Machinists Precision Cast Iron Cross Test Level 0.04mm/m 3071.200

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 200mm FACOM ( Frances premier Tool Maker) Square Machinists Precision Cast Iron Cross Test Level 0.04mm/m. Facom lists this beautiful level as having a Country of Origin of Switzerland but this is not marked on the level itself or the box so we cannot confirm it. It does however look very much like a Weiler level ( a Swiss maker of Square levels) and is of superior quality. A must have for precision machine set-ups. 

Description :• Stabilised cast iron level.
Precision machined and ground
• Accuracy: 0.04 mm/m.
• Sides with anti-slip insulating pads.
• Vials protected by colourless plexiglas.
• Prismatique base with 140° Vee for ease of use on shafts and rounded surfaces.
•Cross Test level 
• Supplied in wood case with compliance certificate.

1224 Pounds Stirling MSRP

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