20 Eclipse Magnetics 1-3/4" OD Ring Ferrite Magnet. N211

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 20 New Eclipse Magnetics 1-3/4" Outer Diameter Ring Ferrite Magnet. Part number N211

A Ferrite (Ceramic)  ring magnet is a ferrite disc magnet with a concentric hole inside it. 

.All the Ferrite ring magnets are nearly always axially magnetised - the ferrite magnet is magnetised along its central axis.  Axially magnetised magnets have one flat end circular face as a North and the other flat circular end face as a South. For pure ferrite rings, polarity is changed by simply turning the magnet over.

In applications where the ferrite ring magnets are clamping onto ferromagnetic surfaces (e.g. mild steel), any version could be used - sometime placing in a N-S-N-S arrangement may give a small increase in performance as the magnets link their magnetism in a positive way. In applications where magnets are attracting magnets, just ensure that a North face of one magnet is attracting a South face of another magnet (unlike poles attract; like poles repel). 

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