GearWrench Nail pullers And Pry Bars

Hey Everyone, this is Oliver. On today's blog I am featuring GearWrench nail pullers and pry bars. These are indexible 180°, meaning you can move the head 180 degrees.  There are 14 locking positions for each. These are extremely high quality.  The 12" nail puller  can fit 4D to 10D nail sizes . The 16" pry bar  has a blade length of 3" and the 24" pry bar has a blade length of 5.5". These pry bars work well for demolition, getting into hard-to-reach areas, moving equipment or engines, and much, much more. I think these are incredible tools and are very useful. These indexible pry bars are commonly used in industry, but are very uncommon in household workshops. 

Next week I'll be back with another interesting, unusual or hard to find tool !





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